Almost all spirits drink have the same basic recipe: alcohol, water and flavour. Spirits start off as a colourless ethyl alcohol distillate. Flavour can come from many different sources, including wood, flavouring and even sugar. They are processed in different ways into the drink varieties that we all know. For example, whiskies, and even some rums, are aged in oak barrels - did you know that to make just two barrels it takes one oak tree?

There are any number of new brands striving to achieve ‘premium’ status, even when they lack the necessary gravitas and kudos, so the confused consumer often selects the most advertised brands by default. Messages about artisanal production and unusual origin can take a brand only so far before it meets others with exactly the same message.

With all the advances in modern technology, it is now possible to replicate the taste from the aging process with natural and nature identical flavours – without cutting down any oak trees. And with even healthier ingredients in some cases. For example, the regulations governing liqueurs means that they must have at least 100g of 'sugar' per litre. That's a lot of sugar. With the Smart Spirits world of flavours, favourites such as Limoncello and Amaretto, can be enjoyed without the sugar overload.
The Smart Spirits system demystifies the drinking experience and goes back to basics: “I drink it because I like the taste”. Taste is the ultimate common denominator across the board – try 30 flavours for 30 different alcoholic beverages with one bottle.
You can try a Taste of Dark Jamaican Rum without buying a bottle or going to the pub. And as a mixer – unbeatable value!
At Smart Spirits we believe the choice of spirit drinks should be based on taste. And the consumer should be able to decide the strength of the alcohol in each and every pour without any inconvenience.

Our mission is to redefine drinks
it’s about the taste!
It’s about choice, control and convenience!

Smart Spirits is innovation

Smart Spirits is the future of how drinks are served. It is a patented alcoholic beverage dispenser system offering unlimited flavoured spirits using capsules, with adjustable alcohol strength per pour. The three components that make up Smart Spirits are:

A high quality & grain neutral spirit: The Alcohol.
The capsules containing flavours: The Tastes of ...
The dispensing system: The Dispenser.