Control at your fingertips

The Smart Spirits app uses the Bluetooth Smart Technology. This allows you to control all functions of the Dispenser from a distance using your Android or iOS Smartphone. The Smart Spirits App can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store, as well as directly from here.

The App


Enhancing your experience

The app provides full connectivity to the world of Smart Spirits. Cocktail recipes, new flavours, news. All available for you on the Smart Spirits app.


You control your drink

You decide the alcohol strength of each pour. Either on the Dispenser or with the app, you are in control. And with the app you do not need to worry about unauthorised use of the Smart Spirits system. Amongst many other features, via the app you can activate the security feature which will prevent any unauthorised use.


A world of Taste

The Smart Spirits app includes a selection of cocktail recipes for each flavour. And if you are running out of flavours, you can order directly via the app.

Download the App

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